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When it comes to the fish fauna of Oiti, the presence of wild trout (Salmo cf. fariodes) populations that have been recently recorded in mountainous streams is of great interest, even if this species has not been precisely defined yet. Further species that have been recorded until now in rivers and tributaries, which rise in Oiti (Gorgopotamos, Vistriza, Xirias of Ypati etc.) at the foot of the mountain, are sperchios barbel (Barbus sperchiensis), the macedonian chub (Squalius vardarensis) and the sperchios spirlin (Alburnoides sp. “sperchios”). The latter is an endemic species of Spercheios river, but it has not been officially described yet. Finally, the discovery of a tiny fish in a small lake close to Pavliani village is of great importance, since it is probably the threatened with extinction marathon minnow (Pelasgus cf. marathonicus).