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Up to the present, 1.149 species and sub-species of plants have been recorded, but it is estimated that there are more than 1.250, that means almost the 1/5 of the Greek flora. Oiti, also, hosts a rather large number of endemic* plant species of Greece, but of Balkans as well, while there have been recorded two local endemic species, Veronica oetaea and Allium lagarophyllum.

Some of the Greek endemic species and sub-species that are found in Oiti are the following: Alkanna calliensis, Rhinanthus pubescens, Dianthus tymphresteus, Petrorhagia phthiotica, Centaurea pelia, Colchicum parnassicum, Genista millii, Linum punctatum ssp. pycnophyllum, Thymus hartvigii ssp. hartvigii, Edraianthus parnassicus.

There are also the following remarkable species that impress with their beauty, and one can meet in Oiti: lilies (Lilium chalcedonicum, Lilium martagon, Lilium candidum), poet’s daffodil (Narcissus poeticus), crocuses (Crocus veluchensis, Crocus sieberi), orchids (e.g. Dactylorhiza sp., Orchis sp., Himantoglossum caprinum, Cephalanthera rubra), violas (e.g. Viola aetolica, Viola graeca), wild onions (e.g. Allium phthioticum), campanulas (e.g. Campanula versicolor), centaureas (e.g. Centaurea triumfettii), primulas (Primula veris) ,irises (Iris pumila ssp. Attica) and many others.

A significant characteristic of the mountain flora is the fact that Oiti and neighboring Mts Giona and Vardousia, form the southernmost end of the propagation of species of north origin, such as: Trollius europaeus, Rhynchocorys elephas, Actaea spicata, Caltha palustris, Thalictrum aquilegiifolium. Moreover, species of east origin can be found, such has: Thlaspi kotsyanum and Morina persica.


*endemic species: endemic are called the species, which are found in a specific and geographically defined area and nowhere else. For example, when we say endemic plants of Greece, we mean those that are exclusively found in Greece.