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Mt Oiti includes areas which are regulated by a protection status at a national as well as at a Community level and specifically the following:

National Park of Mt Oiti

The Mt Oiti National Park is a protected natural area and it was declared as such in 1966 in virtue of the Law 218/1966, according to the provisions of the Law 856/1397 “about National Parks”, aiming at the conservation and the protection of the rich fauna and flora, as well as of particular geomorphological features of the mountain. It is the sixth National Park (out of ten) in chronological order of declaration and the third in area. Specifically, it is 7.000 hectares in area (approximately the 1/4 of the mountain area), the 3.370 of which form its core zone and the remaining 3.630 form the peripheral zone.

According to the statutory framework of Mt Oiti National Park, the core zone is in a full protection status, in order for the flora and fauna of the area to remain intact. Consequently, within the core the following are forbidden: excavations, placement of advertisement tablets, industrial activities, construction of buildings, agricultural and silvicultural activities, pasturing, hunting as well as the operation of mines and quarries.

Sites of the Natura 2000 Network

The Natura 2000 Network is a European Network of Protected Areas, which host natural types of habitats and species (plants and animals), which are important at a European level. In Oiti, three sites of the Natura Network are met, and specifically a Special Protected Area (SPA) for the conservation of the wild avifauna, based on the Directive 2009/147/EC (former Directive 79/409/EEC):

  • “National Park of Mt Oiti – Asopos Valley” (GR2440007)

and two Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) for the conservation of the natural habitats and the wild fauna and flora based on the Directive 92/43/EEC:

  • “National Park of Mt Oiti”  (GR2440004)
  • “Gorgopotamos Gorge” (GR2440003)

Wildlife Refuges

As wildlife refuges we characterize natural areas (terrestrial, wetland or sea areas), which are of special importance as habitats of the wild flora or as habitats of reproduction, nutrition and hibernation of species of wild fauna. According to the legislation in force, hunting is explicitly forbidden inside Wildlife Refuges. There are two Wildlife Refuges in the wider area of Oiti:

  • “Skasmeni Frantzi – Dyo Vouna” (K325)
  • “Oiti – Pavliani” (K625)