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Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park was established by the Law 3044/2002, aiming at the protection and management of Mt Oiti National Park and the wider area of Mt Oiti. It is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and it is one of the 28 Management Bodies that operate in our country. The total scope of its responsibility area, the limits of which have been instituted according to the abovementioned Law, is equal to 19.835 hectares in area and it is included in the administrative boundaries of the Municipalities of Lamia (Prefecture of Pthiotis) and Delphi (Prefecture of Phocis).

According to the provisions of the Law 2742/1999, the scope of the Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park, as well as of the rest management bodies, is, concisely, the following:

  • establishment and responsibility for the application of the management and operation regulations of the protected area, as well as of its management plans
  • providence for the collection, classification and process of environmental data with regard to its responsibility area
  • opinion giving at the stage of the approval of environmental conditions as far as projects and activities that appertain to its responsibility area are concerned
  • assistance to the competent authorities in controlling the environmental legislation
  • observation and assessment of the application of the regulating conditions and restrictions
  • drawing up of studies and surveys, as well as implementation of technical or other projects
  • information-sensitization of  the local society and the public, in general, for the significance of the area’s protection
  • undertaking of the elaboration or the execution of national or European projects and actions concerning its responsibility area
  • issuance of licenses for scientific research and technical trials and analyses