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Mt Oiti hosts 22 villages in all at its foot, which are: Ypati (400 m), on the north, which is the historical centre of the area, Sykas (250 m), Argyrochori (260 m), Loutra Ypatis (85 m), Mexiates (60 m), Kompotades (60 m), Kostalexis (120 m) and Frantzis (130 m). On the east: Gorgopotamos (60 m), Dyo Vouna (420 m) and Koumaritsi (840 m). On the south: Oiti (680 m), Pavliani (1.030 m), Pyra (1.160 m), Mavrolithari (1.140 m) and Kastriotissa (1.160 m). On the south: Neochori (1.240 m), Pyrgos (740 m), Peristeri (620 m), Mesochori (640 m), Lychno (660 m), Kapnochori (580 m) and Kastania (1.050 m).

As far as your stay in the wider area of Ypati is concerned you can visit, while for the wider area of Pavliani respectively, and  for the villages of Oiti located at the Municipality of Delphi (Pyra, Mavrolithari, Kastriotissa).