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The species that form Oiti’s fauna, at their majority, are related with the vast forests of Abies cephalonica that cover the mountain. These forests host a diversity of mammals and birds most of which are probably common and widely spread in Greek mountains (e.g. roe deer, wild boar, wildcat, fox, hare, common buzzard, common kestrel, etc.). Other habitats of a more restricted, however, area such as steep precipices, pastures and water formations also host a diversity of rather interesting species, including mammals, birds, amphibians, fish as well as invertebrates.

Moreover, Oiti is a refuge for several rare or/and threatened species, according to the Red Data Book of Rare and Threatened Animals of Greece (2009). The Balkan chamois subspecies, (Rupicapra rupicapra ssp. balcanica),  is one of the most important mammals that exist in Oiti and it belongs to the category “Near Threatened” (NT) species in Greece, according to the criteria of IUCN.


Balkan chamois on Oiti (video Papaioannou Charitakis)