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Mt Oiti, apart from its natural beauties, is interwoven with enough legends, traditions as well as historical events. Some of the most important sights that one can visit are the following:

The Monastery of Holy Agathonos (15th century) (tel. +30 2231095218) and the Oiti Natural History Museum (tel. +30 2231095236)

The “Pyra of Herakles” at the Katavothra plateau, with the ruins of an ancient temple in the honour of the mythological hero Herakles (Hercules), and the “Katavothra” grotto in the same area

The old watermills and the historical stone fountains of Ypati as well as the impressive waterfall with the mill at the entrance of the village

The “Anemotrypa”, a grotto near the Xerias stream of Ypati, believed to be a place for practising magic in the old times

The Amusement Park at the springs of Asopos river, the wetland of Tziros as well as the Water Power Museum, a stone compound which includes a Sawmill, a Watermill, water driven wool processor and fulling mills in the village of Pavliani


The historical Gorgopotamos bridge, blown up by partisan groups, fighting against the German occupation, on 25 November of 1942, during World War II

The therapeutic hot spring – health spa at Loutra Ypatis, open to the public from the beginning of summer until autumn

The Byzantine Castle and the Byzantine Museum of Phthiotis in the village of Ypati (tel. +30 2231098079)

The Astronomy School in Ypati, an education centre for schools, research and transmission of knowledge of the science of Astronomy (tel. +30 2231098425 & 2231079881)

The Arsalis Chapel (Panagia Arsali), built in a cave at the western part of the Psilainos peak; on the cave’s walls impressive Christian icons are painted

The Byzantine churches of Saint Sophia and Saint Nikolas, as well as the Monastery of Hosios Athanasios Meteoritis in Ypati

The ancient castle of Kastriotisa, the ruins of which stands until today, as well as the folklore museum of the village

The castle of Orias (Kastro Orias) at the location of Kouvelos, which towers over Asopos Gorge

The big square of Mavrolithari with the perennial Plane Tree and the many stone fountains of the village

The Plane Trees of Kompotades, a Protected Natural Monument where the region’s War of Independence leaders (Diakos, Diovouniotis and Panourias) met to decide upon the crucial Alamana Battle