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Oiti, also known as the mountain of flowers and of legendary hero Hercules, is a mountain of unique beauty, with vast fir forests, rare as well as impressive plant species, rich fauna and abundant waters, which most of the times flow abruptly, through steep and beautiful gorges. It is the fifth highest mountain in Central Greece, located in the boundaries of the Prefectures of Pthiotis and Phocis, and its highest peak is Pyrgos (2.152 m).

The Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park was established by the Law 3044/2002 under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, aiming at the protection and the management of the Mt Oiti area. Its main actions are:

  • Monitoring and protection of the fauna and the flora and, in general, of the mountain ecosystems
  • Guarding-patrolling the National Park and the wider area of Mt Oiti
  • Informing the public and raising awareness of the local society as well as visitors, regarding the need for protection of the mountain